Itsy Bitsy Bikinis…or Not?

I watched this video the other day.

I get where she’s going, and I was almost inclined to agree with it. Until I really thought about it. No, I don’t want men thinking about me as an object. But I do want to feel good. Why should I deny myself that right simply because a man may look at me differently than I’m looking at myself?

Her swimsuits are adorable. I might even buy one or two. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop buying bikinis. The truth is, when a girl finds that perfect swimsuit – the perfect one -there’s nothing like it. I have a love-hate relationship with them, just like virtually every other woman in the world, but that perfect swimsuit has the ability to make me feel more powerful, pretty and happy than many other things. Why stop because guys are interpreting my swimsuit as something else? I’ve never been one for changing myself simply to please others, so why start now?

With all of that said, here is a link to some of her suits and my comments on them. The website has disabled direct linking to the images.

Marie is a two-piece swim-dress, that comes with a long halter and boyshorts. This is my favorite fabric on the website, but I can only imagine that much fabric has to be incredibly heavy once wet. I, personally, wouldn’t want to deal with that, which makes it less than functional.

Ann is a one-piece with thick straps and a band running around the waist. My favorite is the navy polka dots with the green band. I like the swimsuit overall, but I think it would be less than flattering on anyone carrying a little bit of extra weight in the midsection.

Jo is my favorite; a long halter with cinched sides and can be paired with hipsters or boyshorts. It looks like it would be flattering on just about anybody.

Holly is a two-piece bandeau top with cap-sleeves and boyshorts. I like the idea; however, I think it would be best suited for someone with a smaller bust as the bandeau top seems to be rather high. It could look somewhat unfortunate on someone with a larger bust.

Conclusion? Her swimsuits are cute, and I do like them, but I’m not sure they’re doing any favors for women with any sort of body-image issues. Which is exactly what the bikini is often accused of. Pick what you like best – what makes you feel the best about yourself – and forget what everyone else is thinking.

What do you think?