A new job, and lots of Backstreet Boys music.

Long time no see, blog.


I started a new job almost three weeks ago. I’ve been so tired getting in the hang of things that I just haven’t had the energy to write. I keep thinking about it and think, “No, what do I possibly have to say right now?”


Which is dumb. There is always something to be said.


When I started my first job in PR, several people said to me, “Make sure you have an outlet,” or “Write things for yourself, too.” But when writing pieces that are more technical, or have a single goal in mind (to get your product, person/company covered in the news), it’s easy to get sort of disillusioned. Something along the lines of, “Didn’t I get into this because I wanted to write? Am I doing anything besides saying the same thing several times over?”


I’ve currently moved on from the PR world – I’m gathering information for proposals to win work in a particular industry. It’s pretty important stuff, and incredibly tedious so far, but I am learning it comes with similar challenges. I got into the world of PR/marketing/communications because I wanted to communicate. It’s taking some effort to wrap my head around the fact I’m still doing that, even if I’m not using words.


Writing words has always been my comfort zone. It’s fairly easy for me – or actually, easy to change, so I can say exactly what I want and no one sees me tripping over my words, like I typically do when speaking. People make me nervous.


The cool thing is, I still get to communicate – even if on the surface it sometimes seems like I’m just pulling things together. Each piece and portion of my work and how it’s put together impacts the outcome of these bids. And that’s actually pretty neat. A little bit of pressure, but I like that. It means my work matters – an as much as I like to pretend that recognition has little effect on what I think of myself – I like to be acknowledged for my effort. Plus, there’s always a bright side, and it’s so very important to find it.