For the past month or so, I’ve been trying to make myself write a list of things I’ve learned in 25 years. The important stuff. Then it turned into 25 things I’m proud of myself for. And I kept getting stuck – not because I can’t come up with that many things, but because the words sounded funny each time. None of it was right and just seemed like too much. Like when you see an ex and they ask how you are so you go into more detail than either of you ever cared to know or share. That kind of too much.

It made sense this afternoon, though.

What am I the most proud of myself for learning in 25 years?

For realizing life is so good. So fucking good.

So beyond my imagination, wildest dreams, happiest moments, joyful thoughts kind of good. It’s all of those things. And I’m so thankful for mine.

It’s not what I expected or what I thought I’d have in my daydreams. But damn, if it isn’t just perfect as what it is sometimes.


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