“Life is hard and so is love…”

“Child, believe in all these things.”

I had coffee with a lovely friend yesterday. As is the case most of the time with moving, it’s sometimes difficult to find people to connect with. In dating, in friendships – though I suppose those two things are actually pretty similar in a lot of ways.

Anyway, I met a friend for coffee. We’re in different places in our lives, but seem to have a good amount I common – at least with how we view the world. I met her the month I moved to town and have thankfully gotten to know her a bit since – and all the facets of her life that make it so lovely.

As is the case when talking with me, I talked about dating because I’m learning I do that a little too much lately. I’m going to go ahead and call it a quarter-life crisis, because that’s definitely what’s happening.

One of the first things I noticed about this friend is how highly she speaks of her boy. I’ve never heard her say anything that wasn’t incredibly sincere about him. I don’t mean in the this-is-clearly-fake-and-you-can’t-be-that-happy kind of way. I mean in the you’ve-obviously-found-your-mate kind of way. It’s lovely to listen to.

Because I’m feeling a little disillusioned by dating in this town (because it’s literally the worst thing ever a and every woman in Nashville will agree with that statement, guaranteed), I asked her to tell me their story. I was quite certain it was the kind of thing I would love.

And I did.

It’s the cutest story and not mine to tell, but I was so impressed by how her man made things happen. Removed any obstacle that was there and made sure things worked out the way he wanted, by being masculine and chivalrous and all adorable things like that.

Because guys that are worth having around tend to do things like that.

I won’t take any more time to discuss why dating is so terrible in this day and age and what I think guys should do less of and what’s going wrong.

Because that doesn’t help anyone. Valid thoughts to be had, yes, but sometimes it means more to talk about what does work.

Chivalry. Masculinity. A little bit of old fashioned. An understanding that women are women – and that’s something to be celebrated, not criticized. Initiative. and I suppose a little bit of care.

I wholeheartedly believe things happen for a reason – even things as simple as a coffee date working out with a lovely little soul. I was so happy to hear about her whole life, but I really needed that story.

To remind me that I’m worthwhile – that everyone. And settling? There’s no reason when everyone’s fairy tale is out there somewhere.


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