I grew up with a lot of Jesus surrounding me – something I’m quite thankful for – but many of the people who surrounded me also often discussed the world as an awful place. I’ve never understood that. I mean – yes, there are times I’ve understood it for a little while – this life is often full of pain and heartbreak. Sadness fills the news and sometimes the people around us. In comparison to the everlasting, it doesn’t even compare.

But this world is so breathtaking.

I guess if I’m going to believe we were created out of love – and I certainly do – I can’t really think of it as anything else.

I’m not discounting sadness or pain, or denying anyone’s right to feel those feelings – I’m often the first to get wrapped up in them, and I’ll be the first to admit that. Life is hard and often it seems difficult to see past obstacles and loss. Or even loneliness (my personal detractor from seeing beauty most of the time).

But I feel so lucky to have this life of mine.

Because sometimes the light catches the trees in just the right way. Or there’s a small hint of every color of the rainbow on the horizon. Or someone says the words I desperately needed to hear.

I remember that I am loved. That I am Yours.

And I just feel so lucky.


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