Sometimes the juxtaposition life creates is nothing short of breathtaking. Some days feel awkward – like my skin wasn’t meant for me and everything seems uncomfortable. I don’t say or do anything that feels like it’s right, and go to sleep questioning myself.

Those days are typically followed by ones like yesterday. It was so busy I collapsed in bed without taking my makeup off. But I felt so loved, and overwhelmingly hopeful. I saw a community come together to learn more about a problem that desperately needs fixing – and many of them took action to help do so. I worked and had kind customers, and I never really take into account how much that affects my day. I slept so soundly; something I rarely do.

And then I woke up, which is blessing enough in itself, surrounded by rain drops on windows and just a little bit if peace.

I’m thankful for the days that have such stark contrast – that allow me to really see how lucky I am. I pray this year I’ll remember more often, even on the days that don’t seem to have a lovely counterpart, just how blessed my life is and how lucky I am to be living it. I pray I remember more often to be a blessing to others.


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