It’s the end of the year, so a lot of people are spending a lot of time talking about what they learned about themselves this year – and what they plan on changing next year. I’m no exception, I suppose.

But I’ve tried to avoid it. Mostly because thinking about change is scarier than the actual changes. We never notice change – it just happens. Life is fluid. Until we sit back and reflect. And then we remember how things used to be.

And that’s when we realize how much is different.

There’s this thing about change – as the time passes, more things seem to change than stay the same. I’m conflicted on the whole thing – I like the idea of new adventures and the opportunity to tell new stories. But sometimes I just want things to stay the way they are. Because change is uncomfortable and terrifying and growing pains are hard and they hurt.

The thing about change – and time – is I guess it doesn’t really care what I think about it.

It just happens. Sparks fade. People move. Things get complicated. And change happens.

And we don’t realize it – until we do.

So mostly I’m happy about all the changes.

I like where I am. I like who I’m surrounded by. My heart is filled with joy more often than it’s not.

But I can’t help but miss that spark. And a smile or two. Or miss the old times.

So it goes, I suppose. And I know one day I’ll miss these old times like I miss those, for reasons I don’t even realize yet.

And so it goes.


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