Keep going.

I learned a variety of thing today.

I learned people will let you down quite a bit. Most of the world is focused on themselves and what will make them the happiest. But only thinking about yourself sucks and it’s unfulfilling, so don’t do that. Give something, give everything if you want. Don’t close yourself off, though. Because then the hard times win, and should happiness win whenever possible? Give until it hurts, and then find a few more reasons.

I learned it never feels better to see an ex-boyfriend. Time may heal old wounds, but that hurt boils to the top every time. And that’s life and it sucks, but it sure makes those good moments look much better. And there’s always at least a few good moments to focus on.

I learned it’s hard to appreciate yourself for who you are; but it’s also
Imperative in the times no one else appreciates you. It’s important to keep an open heart and a kind soul. Life will knock you down as many times as it can, but there’s always the ability to get up, dust yourself off and keep going. Always keep going.

Just always keep going.


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