Love. Night skies. Fireflies. Miracles. Big, hearty laughs. A glass of bourbon. Friends who get me. God. Faith. Hope. Grace. Joy. (A lack of) patience. Living in the moment. Butterflies. Family. A song lyric that’ll rip you wide open. The smell of books. The pops of records. Following my heart. Making a stranger smile. Anything my Granny ever painted. Babies. Running wild. Open skies. Sunrises (more than sunsets). Sunsets. Talking all night. Photos. My grandparents’ tiny, hand-built white house. Not being sure. Being sure. That feeling when I finally get it. That feeling when it all makes sense again. Shooting stars. Rainbows. Holding hands. Telling all my secrets without judgment. The look in the eyes of someone who appreciates it. Karma. Loving without a second thought. Hearing another person’s heart beat. Naïveté. Daydreams. Plans. Dolly. Life.

Sometimes you just need a list of things you love.


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