Keep going.

I learned a variety of thing today.

I learned people will let you down quite a bit. Most of the world is focused on themselves and what will make them the happiest. But only thinking about yourself sucks and it’s unfulfilling, so don’t do that. Give something, give everything if you want. Don’t close yourself off, though. Because then the hard times win, and should happiness win whenever possible? Give until it hurts, and then find a few more reasons.

I learned it never feels better to see an ex-boyfriend. Time may heal old wounds, but that hurt boils to the top every time. And that’s life and it sucks, but it sure makes those good moments look much better. And there’s always at least a few good moments to focus on.

I learned it’s hard to appreciate yourself for who you are; but it’s also
Imperative in the times no one else appreciates you. It’s important to keep an open heart and a kind soul. Life will knock you down as many times as it can, but there’s always the ability to get up, dust yourself off and keep going. Always keep going.

Just always keep going.


Fairy tales.

Often as we grow older we’re taught to let go of our childhoods. Imaginations are great, but staying grounded is better. It’s important to stay realistic.

I suppose I got the memo, but chose not to listen.

Here’s the thing: imaginations rule the world. Innovators don’t exist because they decided they needed an 8-5 with a 401k and a good vacation package.

So – in the most realistic way possible – I ask why I would start being realistic.

I like dreams of all kinds. Day dreams, night dreams, red light dreams, driving dreams. I’m familiar with each and every one. And they keep me going.

The most perfect point in every summer day is seeing a firefly flicker and remembering how it felt to be eight and catch one in a jar. That feeling of joy and magic that surrounded each Tinkerbell and lightning bug. Because it truly felt like magic – trying to figure out why they lit up the way they did. I was certain they knew something we must not – I mean, they figured out how to light up; why wouldn’t they know the secrets to the universe?

But that fades as we grow up. The magic goes away. But does it really have to?

The answer is no.

It doesn’t. It shouldn’t.

Dreams should stick with us; everyone needs something to fill them with as much joy as an eight-year-old with a mason jar and a firefly.

Because we all need to believe in magic.


Love. Night skies. Fireflies. Miracles. Big, hearty laughs. A glass of bourbon. Friends who get me. God. Faith. Hope. Grace. Joy. (A lack of) patience. Living in the moment. Butterflies. Family. A song lyric that’ll rip you wide open. The smell of books. The pops of records. Following my heart. Making a stranger smile. Anything my Granny ever painted. Babies. Running wild. Open skies. Sunrises (more than sunsets). Sunsets. Talking all night. Photos. My grandparents’ tiny, hand-built white house. Not being sure. Being sure. That feeling when I finally get it. That feeling when it all makes sense again. Shooting stars. Rainbows. Holding hands. Telling all my secrets without judgment. The look in the eyes of someone who appreciates it. Karma. Loving without a second thought. Hearing another person’s heart beat. Naïveté. Daydreams. Plans. Dolly. Life.

Sometimes you just need a list of things you love.