Walking away.

I have a problem. I mean, it’s a problem in some cases.

I learned early in life that loyalty is important. That when things get tough, I’m to make it work anyways. I learned to stick around.

I did not ever learn there should be criteria for who deserves that. I mean, doesn’t everyone? The benefit of the doubt – also know as naivete, innocence or trust – is something I hold in very high regard, and don’t want to lose.

I guess I finally get it, though. Relationships of any kind are a choice, and when they don’t work out – and so many of them don’t – it’s okay for that person to lose their benefit of the doubt. If everything is a choice, I get to make them, too. 

It’s okay to walk away from people who are bad for me. Not because they ever did anything really wrong. Just because they’re trouble. It’s okay to do what’s best for me. It’s okay to be a little selfish. 


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