I spent most of my day reading Mindy Kaling’s “is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” and in contrast, listening to some of the saddest playlists I’ve ever created. It took about two hours for me to realize I was laughing uncontrollably while listening to some of the songs that define some of the saddest times in my life so far. But I guess that’s the great (and sometimes awful) thing about time – it changes everything. I still love every one of those songs, but they don’t make me sad anymore.

Because I spent most of my day enthralled in someone’s else’s world, it made reality less fun when I finished. I think that’s how to know if a book was good – I was legitimately upset that it was over.

So I moved on to another dream world when I took the dog for a walk. I turned on more music and we went around the neighborhood for about an hour. Towards the end I saw a couple, then I heard the couple laughing, so I turned around. One of the guys was heading my way, while the other was holding him back. The one being held yelled, “I’m trying to say hi to your dog!” I guess the other one was holding him back, presumably, so he didn’t look silly.

My dog is a pretty good judge of character. She likes people, but has certain ones she wants nothing to do with. This guy, she wanted to play with immediately. We stood there for five minutes or so while he loved on Dolly and she did the same.

As we were walking away he said, “I’m not having a good night. Your dog just made it so much better.”

I guess reality isn’t so bad if it means getting to make someone smile. Sometimes I forget that’s part of it, though.


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