I wonder if we’re all just a little confused about this idea of soulmates. We spend all of this time running around trying to find one person who’s responsible for all these pieces – for keeping us grounded, for inspiring our passions, for making us smile, for encouraging us to cry, for making us think, for being comfortable letting us just be, for loving us and understanding when we just need someone to listen – among other things. They’re supposed to be genuine, exciting, funny and serious, and know exactly when to be all of these things. But maybe that one person doesn’t exist. Maybe our soulmates are scattered about – each piece housed in another person that makes up our life.

I wonder if maybe we find someone we can get along with then have other people fill in the empty spaces. Maybe some people have fewer empty spaces.

Maybe this is what I’m telling myself because it’s easier than thinking I might be looking in the wrong places.

Sometimes I wonder if maybe this idea of soulmates is misguided and is actually just settling for someone who fills in a few of those empty spaces instead of just one. I wonder if a little bit of life is knowing how to settle a little bit, and why I don’t know how. I don’t know how to not care when someone isn’t everything.

Maybe that’s also while I spend so much time alone.


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