Excuse my lack of class with this next statement, it’s a bit of a lack of restraint for me. It’s been weighing on me for awhile lately, and my mom taught me if you can’t say anything nice – keep your mouth shut. But why are people so fucking rude?

Just in general. What gave people that sense of entitlement that they think it’s appropriate to be impolite to other people? You’re not better. You’re not more important. You’re certainly not nicer. They have the same right to walk this earth doing whatever the hell they want that you do. So, why do you get to sit on your pedestal and look down on them because they dress differently, talk differently or live life a little more freely?

You don’t.

Shouldn’t our ultimate goal as the other people existing on this little planet be building one another up? Smiling when you walk by someone. Saying a simple hello to a random person. Holding the fucking door open for someone else every once in awhile, instead of being in such a hurry to get wherever the hell your next destination is, even though it probably doesn’t matter much anyway. Doing one thing per day that’s not for you, but helps someone else out. Whatever it is – something that makes someone a little happier about having today. 

But mean isn’t pretty. It never will be. So fucking stop, already. You don’t have to like everyone you encounter. But figure out how to love everyone. It makes life a lot easier. 


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