I’ve reached a milestone in life. A big one, if I do say so myself.

I made a decision on my favorite George Strait song.

As I am writing this I am, of course, listening to King George and second-guessing my decision, but – I made a decision nonetheless.

This is probably silly to most people. Especially anyone who hasn’t know me for more than a week and doesn’t know where my love for George began.


I can’t find any pictures on this particular computer – so you’re left with me kind of close to that age – but my Granny loved George. She thought he was just so handsome. When I was six, she gave me one of his cassettes. I still remember thinking an ocean bordered Arizona because of “Ocean Front Property.” For years, I argued that there must be an ocean because George told me so. Turns out six-year-olds don’t really understand sarcasm.

My granny was one of my favorite people in the world. She thought I could change the world if I wanted to, and I’m pretty sure she wanted me to try. I spent a lot of time with her growing up, and I thought she hung the moon. If you knew her at all, you’d probably agree that she would’ve tried if she could find a way. She could be stubborn – which is I guess where I get that from, but she usually had good intentions. She married my pappaw when she was 14 in 1943. They were married until he passed away in 1996. She passed away Jan. 12, 2009. In true form, when we thought she only had a few months left, she waited almost a year. I still miss her every single day.

Anyway, thanks to that association, I love George. Not just because he’s phenomenal (and still so handsome!) but because of Granny.

I guess for some people maybe this is an easy decision, but it’s taken me nearly 20 years. While there are some that I gravitate toward (“Amarillo By Morning,” “Carried Away”), some others with significance (“Carrying Your Love With Me” was one of my favorite music videos growing up), and even others that are wonderful when I’m feeling a bit lonely (“Marina Del Rey,” “Easy Come, Easy Go”), I could never pick just one. And remember – “Ocean Front Property” interfered with my scholarly aptitude for years.

But sad cowboys always have a place in my heart. Maybe I identify with the constant attempt to find a place they identify with – they constantly roam because there’s no real reason not to. I feel that way most of the time. They always seem a little melancholy, too – and I get that, as well. They also associate with horses, and I so badly wanted one of those growing up.

“I Can Still Make Cheyenne” came on today, and each time it does, I feel a little tinge in my heart. Because those sad cowboys make the best songs. I think Granny would agree.



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