The 90s Pop Pandora station always makes my day.

It seems like most people I know are doing all of these moving-forward-in-life type things right now.

I don’t mean for that to sound like a downer statement – I’m happy for them. I am also thrilled to be happy. Happy not doing those things, that is. And happy in general.

I’m just over here having some fun, and re-learning that smiles don’t have to happen because something is funny. I forgot that gem of information. Sometimes it’s just ’cause I want to make someone else’s morning. Or make my own. Or because I heard Nsync on that radio – or because I heard that “eye of the tiger” line in the new Katy Perry song.

Sometimes life is just good. And simple. And easy, because it’s fun. I don’t have to think about fun. Or figure out what it means or doesn’t mean or where my life is going or where it will be in a year or five. It’s almost the absence of deep thought. I needed that.


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