Or so we thought.

I remember reading this a couple years ago when this Daytrotter session first came out. I have been thinking about it quite a bit lately. The words speak for themselves, I suppose. 

“It’s the one thing that we always forget about those who tend to fall in love easily – not necessarily often, just easily – and that’s that most of the time these occurrences happen without any warning and before you know it, you’re wrapped up in a narrative that’s rippling forth, unable to be stopped. It’s what happens when you’ve not made any plans for such a thing. It will hit you between the eyes, sock you in the guts and pull your thumping heart right out of your chest to give it a solid once over. We’re made to deal with all of these things that we had been ignoring, all of these things that we didn’t really want to think about for a long while. Or so we thought.”


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