All I wanted was to break your walls, all you ever did was wreck me.

“Crazy moments are okay. Because you have your crazy, and then you’re done. Now you get to be done.”

And that’s so liberating, heartbreaking, thrilling and powerful all in the same moment.

I found out this weekend that absolutely nothing I thought of as my reality was the truth. The hundreds of pieces of my life I was already scrambling to put back together shattered into thousands.

And then I just got angry. You don’t do those things to people and they let it go.

He once told me, “You’re kind of like that girl from Silver Linings Playbook, except she talks more.”

I talked. And I went a little crazy.

He said nothing.

He was way too selfish from the beginning.

It wasn’t for him in the first place. He never listened while he was lying, anyway. 

And now I’m done.

Life is good. 


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