This I Promise You

I still listen to 90’s music. By that, I mean about 80 percent of what I listen to is 90’s music, without any exaggeration.

I read an article once that said your musical taste is shaped by whatever you were listening to at 13 or 14. Since I’ve always been arguably too mature for my age – to a fault – perhaps I was just a bit advanced. It was what I was listening to from ages 6-10 that I still gravitate back to regularly.

I realized this may be detrimental to my future success in life.

Let me explain…

I’m a sucker for a slow song. And a slow song by a boy band? I’m listening to one now. I listen to them almost daily. Even taking the boy bands out of the equation, the 90s still dictate most of my daily music choices.

Because this is the music that shaped my view of life, this is what I think I deserve in life. I want a romantic comedy with Nsync as the soundtrack.

Where am I going to find without actually marrying a member of Nsync? They’re not even available!

Anyone know if any of those randoms from 98 Degrees are still free?

I feel like I can’t settle for anything less now.

My future happiness just got way more complicated.


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