Breathe in, breathe out

I’m learning just how powerful emotions can be.

They’re also very fluid – ever changing with each moment.

Amazing in the worst kind of way.

So, I can have a mostly great day. Full of laughs and great friends. And then I can cry when I’m in my car driving home, for no reason at all really, except this crippling feeling that nothing makes sense and nothing is the same and I still don’t know how to process anything.

Or I can go out. And have full confidence that everything will be okay. I can talk to a cute boy, and maybe even give him my number. And then lose my breath because this hole in the bottom of my stomach took it from me. And I’m not sure why my stomach holds all of my emotions, but it feels like they’re all in there, churning around and making me unsure about anything.

And that hole is constantly stealing my breath. Constricting me physically to remind me how much is changing emotionally. And I just want to breathe again.


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