Advocare Update (day eleven)

Well, I made it through the cleanse! I don’t know what that means really, other than I take different supplements, and I can eat complex carbs again. But, at least I’m done with that. 

Officially, I lost 6.4 pounds during the cleanse phase. I’ve been stuck at that number for the past few days, so I feel like I probably need to start (actually) working out to achieve my goal (10 pounds).

I did take the supplements this morning a little early – about 45 minutes to an hour before I had breakfast – something I will not be doing again. I should know by now never to take vitamins on an empty stomach too far in advance of eating something.

I’ll also need to work on making my meal replacement shakes. I had the vanilla one this morning and it tasted like a marshmallow and was the consistency of cake batter. Fun for about five sips, and then my stomach just started hurting.


So, we’ll see how this goes.


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