Advocare update (day six)

I’m on day six if my cleanse.

So far it seems to be going okay; however, I am a little frustrated with the lack of continuity in the directions.

The challenge book says to do a protein, complex carb and fruit for breakfast. It also mentions to avoid beans.

So, apparently I’ve been doing everything wrong. I did a little research and am now learning that apparently ALL bread-ish products (including oatmeal) should be avoided during the cleanse. So should beans, even though I’ve had them for basically every meal for the past week.

I also ha a smoothie with agave nectar with lunch, which is apparently not allowed either.

With that said, I have been sticking to the plan otherwise. No drinking, bread products and minimal dairy. I made it to the gym once and hope to increase that number next week. We’ll see.

I’ve had good results so far, and managed to kick my headaches and caffeine craving by about day four.

Excited to see what happens next week.


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