Dieting, dieting and always trying something new.

I started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge on Monday.

I’m not expecting any sort of insane results, I just thought it seemed like an eas(ier) way to get back on track after sort of falling off the wagon these past couple years.

So far, it’s been the easiest cleanse I’ve ever done, mostly because I can still eat normal things, and my restrictions are basically that I can’t have bread. Complex carbs are allowed, so I can have oatmeal in my morning smoothie. As someone who basically lives off carbs, this makes all the difference in the world as far as my mood is concerned.

I like eating healthy, so that part hasn’t been too difficult. The directions do say to eat eight servings of fruits and vegetables during the cleanse phase, which I have yet to actually accomplish. It’s not that I don’t like them – that’s just a lot of food!

The supplements actually taste pretty good. The consistency of the fiber drink is a little weird, but it tastes okay if I make sure to drink it quickly. 

On day three, I’m feeling really good. The Spark is keeping my energy up – Im a coffee fiend so I was a little worried about that. Yesterday I  was feeling a little slow and had a headache in the evening, but feel much better this morning. 

My skin has yet to go crazy, so I’m crossing my fingers for that. I tend to drink a good amount of water as it is, so hopefully that will benefit me. 

I’ll try to keep tabs on how things go. It seems like an easy enough plan to follow – I even went to dinner last night and was able to order off the menu, which was nice.

Crossing my fingers!


One thought on “Dieting, dieting and always trying something new.

  1. Hey girl! There’s a challenge cookbook online that will give you great ideas on new recipes, etc… (Google 24 Day Challenge Cookbook). The fiber drink is much easier w/ 4 oz OJ and 4 oz. H2O, too, if you need to adjust that a bit. If you have questions or need anything, feel free to email me at or message me on FB. Excited for you & the energy really is amazing! Keep up the great momentum!

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