I Love Food (Which is Making This Rough Already)

Today is day one of the 4-Week Shred Diet, seen here.

Let me preface this by saying that I love food. Even more, I love snacking, and think everything is acceptable in moderation. Or in the case or carbs, without moderation.

So, it’s day one. I had an interview this morning, so I didn’t make my morning workout. I’ll go tonight before my evening protein shake. I started the day with a protein shake as well, but skipped the eggs in lieu of a skinny caramel macchiato (it was a late night). I know, I already cheated. It’s day one. I haven’t eaten a burger, so I’m not giving up on myself just yet.

It’s been okay. I haven’t had an overwhelming amount of energy, but I haven’t been hungry. Until about an hour ago. Then my body realized it hasn’t had ANY bread today – an almost blasphemous thought in my world. I got a little angry. Not at anything in particular except the idea that I haven’t had my favorite food item in 18 hours, approximately. That’s how addicted I am.

I am about to make dinner. My hunger coupled with deep hatred for meals such as chicken and broccoli has left me with no enthusiasm for chicken and broccoli tonight. I really would like some brown rice, or orzo or…a piece of bread? Not even a fancy or delicious one. I’ll take a piece of whole grain.

I kept telling the boyfriend this weekend that I’m going to be a grump for a little while. He told me I should take the emotion out of the situation and just eat what I’m supposed. How do I take the emotion out of food?? It’s my favorite thing ever!

I know my blog says it’s going to be about food in some capacity, but it seems it’s starting out as entries regarding the lack thereof. Please stay tuned to see how this lack of carbs (and wine) will probably ruin every relationship in my life. See? I’m already being dramatic.

Has anyone ever done a diet like this? What were your results? Did you last an entire month?


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