Why Wendy Davis is a Hero (Fueled by Hunger Pangs)

Let me preface this by saying, I am exhausted. My body is still searching for carbs to fuel it (an update on that later), which means I walked around like a zombie for the past few days. Therefore, I am angering a bit easier.

My stance on abortion is that I am pro- healthy babies. 

There are options out there for women now, including different types fo adoptions that I can count – I’m pretty sure you can just come up with your own terms, as long as everyone agrees with them. Which an amazing thing.

But a woman has to want to have that baby first.

I read this article the other day in the New York Times. Those lobbying for abortions restrictions don’t think about the whole situation – low-income (usually) mothers being forced into something they don’t want to do, much less something they can afford. So, a baby is already at a disadvantage as they come into the world – probably from poor nutrition and undoubtedly a lack of human connection. I’ve seen women planning to give their babies up for adoption. They don’t typically talk to their stomachs, like doting, excited parents would. It’s easier not to think about it. So, here’s this baby whose mother doesn’t really want it, whose not getting proper nutrition, whose not getting any sort of human connection, who will probably never know anything about their mother because what adoptive parents want to tell their, “Sorry, your birth mother didn’t want you at all, truthfully.”

It’s just not a good place for us to go as human beings. 

A brave, wonderful woman fought for women to continue to have the right to choose in Texas well into last night. Wendy Davis, a Democrat from Fort Worth, courageously stood in front of many men, and stood up for women everywhere, during a 13-hour filibuster.

The Texas Senate was attempting to pass Senate Bill 5, which restricted abortions to 20 weeks or less, said facilities must be ambulatory surgery centers and physicians must have privileges at a hospital within 30 miles. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Texas, but it’s easy to drive 30 miles to get somewhere. It’s a big state, and there’s still tons of open space. Additionally, with the surgery center requirement, the state’s facilities would go from 42 to 37, making it virtually impossible for many low-income women to find a facility they can reach.

Senate Republicans tried their hardest to deter Senator Davis and other Democrats who were defending basic human rights. They tried their hardest, and then they lost. After Davis received the last Point of Order, her fellow Democrats painstakingly stalled. And then stalled some more. Then the spectators took it into their own hands, erupting in chants and cheers as the Republicans attempted to pass the bill last minute. Due to the noise, the vote was taken just after midnight, killing the bill and protecting women’s rights everywhere.

I’ve never been prouder to be a woman in Texas. Last night renewed my faith in politics; that there are still people out there in it for the right reasons, to speak for the rest of us and make sure our voice is heard.

Thank you, Wendy. And Kirk Watson, Letitia Van de Putte and the others, still in this for the right reasons. Thank you for preserving my basic human right to do what I want with my own body.


I Love Food (Which is Making This Rough Already)

Today is day one of the 4-Week Shred Diet, seen here.

Let me preface this by saying that I love food. Even more, I love snacking, and think everything is acceptable in moderation. Or in the case or carbs, without moderation.

So, it’s day one. I had an interview this morning, so I didn’t make my morning workout. I’ll go tonight before my evening protein shake. I started the day with a protein shake as well, but skipped the eggs in lieu of a skinny caramel macchiato (it was a late night). I know, I already cheated. It’s day one. I haven’t eaten a burger, so I’m not giving up on myself just yet.

It’s been okay. I haven’t had an overwhelming amount of energy, but I haven’t been hungry. Until about an hour ago. Then my body realized it hasn’t had ANY bread today – an almost blasphemous thought in my world. I got a little angry. Not at anything in particular except the idea that I haven’t had my favorite food item in 18 hours, approximately. That’s how addicted I am.

I am about to make dinner. My hunger coupled with deep hatred for meals such as chicken and broccoli has left me with no enthusiasm for chicken and broccoli tonight. I really would like some brown rice, or orzo or…a piece of bread? Not even a fancy or delicious one. I’ll take a piece of whole grain.

I kept telling the boyfriend this weekend that I’m going to be a grump for a little while. He told me I should take the emotion out of the situation and just eat what I’m supposed. How do I take the emotion out of food?? It’s my favorite thing ever!

I know my blog says it’s going to be about food in some capacity, but it seems it’s starting out as entries regarding the lack thereof. Please stay tuned to see how this lack of carbs (and wine) will probably ruin every relationship in my life. See? I’m already being dramatic.

Has anyone ever done a diet like this? What were your results? Did you last an entire month?

Hi, my Name is Sarah and I am a Cult Tv Show Watcher

I read this article the other day on Post Grad Problems. I laughed, and then was slightly horrified to realize I am a cult tv show watcher.

I blame Netflix. I’ve already cycled through Parenthood this summer, and I am currently marathoning through Mad Men.

As a public relations practitioner, I love the carefully hidden inside jokes. Some people think it’s astonishing that advertising works this way, but I think it is brilliant. So much goes into the communications that make us buy what we do. It’s a phenomenal science,

Albeit a few years late, I want to take a moment to discuss why I love (and hate) certain character. I’m only through season four, so some may be missing.


As many have said, Don is somewhat irresistible. It’s the mystique – women are drawn to men they know nothing about, if only because they want to be the one to figure them out. For some reason, Don’s character has a few traits that make me love him. He’s a good dad. He’s powerful. And most of all, he’s an amazing copywriter.

I am so thrilled Betty and Don are divorced. I loved when she saw the therapist and he said her thoughts were like a child. She is unbearable, and we all know someone like her.

The first season or two, I thought Roger was a lot like Don. Then I realized he’s not. He’s the kind of guy I want to dislike, until I realize he’s just the embodiment of men’s behavior in the 60s. It’s awful, but true.

I liked Peggy the first season. Now she mostly just seems whiny. I liked when Don told her she should start working harder instead of just asking for things. And for the love of everything fun in life, please shorten your skirt!

Pete seems to be good at his job, so it’s almost difficult for me to hate him. But then he talks and makes it easy. He doesn’t deserve Alexis Bledel OR the girl from Community.

Joan seemed kind of awful during the first season, and now she’s one of my favorite characters. She works so hard and knows everything. That’s my favorite kind of person.

Itsy Bitsy Bikinis…or Not?

I watched this video the other day.

I get where she’s going, and I was almost inclined to agree with it. Until I really thought about it. No, I don’t want men thinking about me as an object. But I do want to feel good. Why should I deny myself that right simply because a man may look at me differently than I’m looking at myself?

Her swimsuits are adorable. I might even buy one or two. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop buying bikinis. The truth is, when a girl finds that perfect swimsuit – the perfect one -there’s nothing like it. I have a love-hate relationship with them, just like virtually every other woman in the world, but that perfect swimsuit has the ability to make me feel more powerful, pretty and happy than many other things. Why stop because guys are interpreting my swimsuit as something else? I’ve never been one for changing myself simply to please others, so why start now?

With all of that said, here is a link to some of her suits and my comments on them. The website has disabled direct linking to the images.

Marie is a two-piece swim-dress, that comes with a long halter and boyshorts. This is my favorite fabric on the website, but I can only imagine that much fabric has to be incredibly heavy once wet. I, personally, wouldn’t want to deal with that, which makes it less than functional.

Ann is a one-piece with thick straps and a band running around the waist. My favorite is the navy polka dots with the green band. I like the swimsuit overall, but I think it would be less than flattering on anyone carrying a little bit of extra weight in the midsection.

Jo is my favorite; a long halter with cinched sides and can be paired with hipsters or boyshorts. It looks like it would be flattering on just about anybody.

Holly is a two-piece bandeau top with cap-sleeves and boyshorts. I like the idea; however, I think it would be best suited for someone with a smaller bust as the bandeau top seems to be rather high. It could look somewhat unfortunate on someone with a larger bust.

Conclusion? Her swimsuits are cute, and I do like them, but I’m not sure they’re doing any favors for women with any sort of body-image issues. Which is exactly what the bikini is often accused of. Pick what you like best – what makes you feel the best about yourself – and forget what everyone else is thinking.

What do you think?

A new beginning

I decided to start a new blog. I’ve written about my feelings extensively and shared the good and the bad with the world. But I need a new beginning; a place to share all of the happy that is currently filling my life. 

What does “stitched” mean?

Stitched is based off one of my favorite Augusten Burroughs quotes.

I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.

So, get ready. Here is life from my point of view – albeit, somewhat flawed occasionally.